Day 1-3 Pearisburg

It’s late but I won’t be able to post again until Easter weekend. First of all thanks for your interest and support. Many times each day I use that as motivation to keep moving north.

I’m not sure what form these posts will take. I’m still learning how to navigate the days I get to a town. Today for instance, I was a little late getting to Angels Rest hostel and now it’s 8 o’clock. But like life on the trail, this blog is a work in progress. Well get there.

So here’s a capsule of what I experienced.

Day 1 Trents Grocery. Thanks to my daughters for dropping me off. It was hard on all of us and you could tell we were stalling a bit. I because the point of no return had arrived. It was put up or shut up. Those first few steps were full of mixed emotions. The immediate climb didn’t make it easier. It rained on and off but light enough not to need a rain coat. Thankfully the terrain leveled off pretty quickly. I made it to the shelter in good time arriving damp but in good spirits. There were 6 people there. Two married couples. Better Together (they took one trail name), Muffit and Johnny Walker. Hugs, a retired marine, and No Collar who started 3 weeks ago in Damascus Va. All really great people who had good advice and even better friendship. Eventually 5 more people arrived. I stayed in the shelter as a storm was predicted but we only had a shower late that night.

The next night though was going to be worse and was it ever. I had a plan of doing 10 miles to the next shelter and then 7 into Pearisburg. I didn’t want to pitch a tent with the combination of high winds (40 mph),low temps , and hard rain. As late as I would get to the shelter there would be no guarantee I’d have a spot. So I flipped my days and did the seven miles on the 2nd day First making a reservation at Woods Hole hostel. I got the last reservation. What a lucky day. The storm was bad as expected and I had a bunk, shower, and two home cooked meals. There were twenty two people there. Including my friends from the previous night. We all shared stories furthering our friendship. Hopefully I’ll see them later down the trail.

Day 3 Got off to a bad start as I left the hostel with no water. I filtered from a questionable water source just off the road. It was cold and blowing wind, not to mention spitting snow. The climb wasn’t too bad but I was hurrying because No Collar was ahead of me and we planned to meet in Pearisburg. I never did catch him but stopped for a snack at Docks Knob shelter. Hot Cakes a section hiker from Canada was there eating lunch. We chatted a few minutes while eating and then I headed out to Pearisburg. Spring hasn’t really started here yet and the flowers are ready to bloom. I saw massive hillsides of a single flower but only a few had bloomed. It was beautiful! The trail turned into a ridge walk which is very pleasant. The downhill though was quite different except for another huge mass of flowers. The rain from the previous night changed the trail into a 2 mile a river. Nothing to do but walk through mud and water and try not to slip or worse fall down. Finally got to Pearisburg which is .7 miles down a road from the trail but didn’t have No Collars number. I figured I’d just get a motel or call Angels Rest hostel to see if he was there. Before I called a lady stopped her car and asked where I was heading. She told me she owned the hostel and No Collar had paid for my reservation. It was the last available bunk. That is what the Trail is about. We went out for Mexican Food after a needed shower. All in all things have gone well but I’m still learning not to mention getting trail legs!

Notice the branch through the roof.

Wapiti Shelter

Foggy morning before the storm

No view today

Woods Hole hostel/ bunkhouse to left

View from the ridge walk

Looking down

Couldn’t capture the scene. More of these just out of view

Woods Hole hostel

Porch of the Woods Hole Main cabin

Doesn’t show it but it was cold,windy, and at times snowing At least it wasn’t raining..

36 thoughts on “Day 1-3 Pearisburg

  1. I’m late in keeping up so am just today (May 9) reading this post. Sounds like your adventure is off to a good start – meeting nice folks. Sounds like the scenery is majestic. Glad you didn’t slip/fall thru the rained out trail – looking forward to reading how it’s going. Hoping your finding enjoyment and peace in this adventure.

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  2. Loving your posts and pictures, Pa! I didn’t realize folks create names for themselves for the trail. Love hearing about their stories too. Can’t wait to read more about your adventures! Happy Easter!

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    • Folks don’t usually relate their names. They are given by other hikers. If they answer to it then that is their name. Mine was given before the trail by my grandchildren and I answer to that!😎


  3. Thanks for posting the pics and details of your first three days. It’s exciting to read about your daily adventures. I look forward to the Easter weekend post. I’m praying the Lord will give you strength, wisdom, & safety.

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  4. Hi Tom! Sorry I didn’t have you over for supper before you left but it will be even nicer when you get back! It sounds like you have made some good friends… that’s comforting to me and I’m sure for you too. I’ve been saying some prayers for you and that will continue. Take care of yourself! Much love. Jean


  5. Was glad to see a post so soon! Wondered about how you weathered the storms, and glad you were able to be safe. Wow! So many blessings in such a short time! Prayers sent up for you daily, and may God continue to bless you on your journey.

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  6. What a gift it is to be able to hear what is happening in your day to day on this journey. Sounds like you already had some great trail magic along the way. We love you, Pa!

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  7. Been thinking about you this weekend and wondering how the first few days were going for you. Enjoyed reading this post and pray you continue to meet great folks and stay safe!

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  8. Thanks for taking all of us on the trail with you (as much as possible at least). 🙂 I am already enjoying this experience vicariously through you. Stay in the present moment where all is well. Sending you prayers, good vibes & positive energy for each and every step along the way.

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  9. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! So glad your first days seem to be going well, even with some crazy weather. The photos are great! Looking forward to your next post!

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    • Thank for the prayers. I debated going to the shelter because the weather forecast the night before was better than expected. I think I made a good judgement call but even more so because of the wonderful people I met at Woods Hole. Nevill(not sure I’m spelling it right) is an amazing person. Beautiful place! With quite a history as well.


  10. Tom you just made my early morning when the first thing I saw was your first post from the trail! Like everyone else I have been looking forward to it so much! Once again your writing put me right out there on the trail…I can feel the rain/snow, the feeling of not having enough clean water, and wondering after being so tired whether there will be a place to sleep out of the weather that night! I love hearing about the hikers you are meeting, and the friends you are making along with way. What life-long memories you will have! Your pictures are beautiful and are giving us a glimpse of the sights on the trail. Tom, we are all so excited for you as you make this journey! Take good care of yourself, roll with what is put in front of you, make many, many new friends along the way, and enjoy this amazing time in your life! We all look forward to your posts as you have the time and opportunity! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!

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  11. Sounds like your adventure has begun, angels are showing up along the trail when you need them, you really are never alone for very long.keep going and more of that adventure will show up.

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  12. Hey Nose.
    I thought about you quite a bit Saturday. So about 6 o’clock I got up off my lazy butt and forced my 2 delapidated knees to go for a 2 mile hike in your honor. Stay safe Bro.

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