Month: February 2019

Music on the Trail

I’ve had some pretty serious blogs about the journey to this point. This time I’d like to have some fun! Often the quiet peace of nature is what I seek. Other times conversation with others can fill the lonely hours in a vast wilderness.  And yes there will be plenty of time to mix in some music to restore lost energy in the middle of a steep climb, encouragement when spirits sag, and to accent an inspiring overlook. Going back to my days playing sports I used music to pump me up, get moving, get in a rhythm. On days I feel good and miles are my goal, I think music can do just that.

Give me 4 or 5 songs you think might help on my hike. I’m a product of the 60’s and 70’s but I’m quite eclectic in my selections. Not sure why some songs stick with me more than others.

  1. A few Beatles naturally.
  2. Definitely U2
  3. The best of Creedence Clearwater Revival
  4. Bob Dylan for sure.
  5. Moody Blues/ Days of Future Passed and several more.
  6. Neil Young and CSNY especially Down by the River
  7. Maybe some Pink Floyd
  8. Canned Heat Going Up the Country and a couple others
  9. Mercy, Mercy Me, What’s Goin On/ Marvin Gaye
  10. Ravi Shankar from A Concert for Bangledesh, if you haven’t heard this it’s awesome!
  11. Tina Turner/ Proud Mary
  12. REM
  13. Santana/ Soul Sacrifice
  14. The Cranberries/Zombie
  15. Creed/ With Arms Wide Open
  16. Behind Blue Eyes/Limp Bizkit
  17. Coldplay/Fix You
  18. Hoobastank/The Reason
  19. AC/DC/Thunderstruck  (probably during my first twenty mile day)
  20. Norman Greenbaum/Spirit in the Sky
  21. The Proclaimers/ I’m Gonna Be (500 miles)
  22. 3 Doors Down/Here Without You
  23. The Original Caste/ One Tin Soldier
  24. The Tokens/ The Lion Sleeps Tonight
  25. Last but not least Hillsong United/Wonder

That’s a few. I have more, let me know your suggestions!