Month: March 2019

Jack ponders life finally online

My grandson Jack had an idea for a podcast and I wanted to assist him and provide encouragement. (The link is found below.) It sounded like a good way to answer the many questions people have asked of me. I suggested I could be his first guest. So we went into the studio and recorded his questions about my hike. It was a challenge to learn all steps of editing and then getting it out on YouTube. Jack did an awesome job. The thoughtfulness of the questions really caught me by surprise. I stumbled a little bit and have found a few errors in my answers which we didn’t take the time to edit out. For a first effort I think we (he) did a great job. Can’t wait for his second episode. Having said that here are a couple of corrections or clarifications:

Minute 2:10 The comment is confusing. Actually Mike Simmons a friend and fellow hiker loaned me the book and many others about the trail. Frank Harrison was introduced to me as someone who had hiked the Trail previously. We became friends and hiked together from Max Patch to Hot Springs NC. His knowledge and experience have been a big help to my abilities and confidence for making this attempt to thru hike the AT.

Minute 4:50 I attended a class on 10 things to know about hiking the Appalachian Trail given by the Appalachian Trail Conservancy.

Minute 11: A shout out to Zpacks the maker of my tent and backpack. Two of the best gear choices I made!

Jack ponders life link to YouTube