It’s time to go hiking again!

I have to be honest. This has been a great summer. The disappointment of leaving the trail was put to rest rather quickly. Thanks to the encouragement I received from all my friends. I also think my focus on mindfulness helped. I left the negative thoughts behind and focused on the experience of living on the trail for 415 miles. There were so many memories to cherish.

I was able to spend all the time I wanted with my family. I contacted and was contacted, by old and new friends. We had lunch talking about not only my experience on the trail but what was going on in their lives. I met new hikers and even did my first hike in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. I continue to grow with my church family. Many of whom I had no idea even knew I was hiking. It’s heartening to know others are praying for your safety and success. My goals I set in retirement are in motion and alive. Despite the early pause in the hike I remained positive. Rest and calories is what I needed and received. Family, friends, and a positive attitude made for a great and memorable summer! But it’s time to go hiking again! The journey continues…

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