#4 The Adventure

Originally these were just a scribbling of notes and ideas to develop into an essay. Maybe I was just lazy but they mostly  just came out this way.

Stepping off into the woods

now, no turning back

striding steadily

toward sunset and sleep

Waking up with anticipation

of sights and sounds

as yet unknown

A cloudy day

with winds and rain

or a rising sun

against a deep blue sky

A bear, a bird, a deer or snake

a rushing stream

a mountains majestic view

Witness to

an ever changing scene

with more depth

and understanding

more wonderment and awe

A cast of characters

parade in and out

some for a day, others weeks

a few for life


each with different motives


by  the shared experience

of an arduous journey

Towns discovered along the way

some small and others smaller

promising respite

from the constant marching

Food, rest, and fellowship,

restores a weary traveler

The trek continues

when the morning light appears

stepping off into the woods

no turning back

3 thoughts on “#4 The Adventure

  1. Love this! So…did you ever wonder what you will do with your time when you aren’t hiking as much? I think it is quite obvious what it should be! Happy Thanksgiving Tom!


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