My 5 Reasons to Hike the Trail

#5 Challenge


Uphills and downhills, steep and long

In pouring rain and blowing wind,

a daily search for water,sleep and calories

sweat and dirt,  damp. wet clothes,

aching muscles seek the end of day

Quickly pitch the tent and filter water

prepare and eat the daily special

Time for bed and needed rest

Then plan to do the same tomorrow

only farther up the road

The challenge is on the one hand simple yet difficult to execute. Each and every day requires food water and shelter. What is the weather? Be prepared for anything. Take care of my body. If I’m tired stop and rest. Know my limits. If it hurts don’t be stubborn. Take care of it. When feeling good keep walking. Make miles if the sun is shinning! Remember to  appreciate the struggle and marvel in the beauty of creation.

Besides the challenge of hiking up and down for miles every day,  Hunger, Thirst and Sleep are the biggest concerns . Failure to satisfy any one of these can lead to a miserable hike or even much worse.  The challenge is always present. Determination, attitude ,and effort are the deciding factor. This mental aspect next to injury is the greatest  indicator of future success. Trying to remain positive despite mental and physical fatigue is tough. Staying committed to the goal requires a deep understanding of what I hope to gain from all this planning and effort. Despite aches and pains, deprivation of comfort and at times basic physical needs, there is something to be gained,  a strengthened body, a relaxed mind, and a richer spirit.

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