Last preparations

It’s been almost 3 weeks since I retired. It is less than 2 weeks until I take thepexels-photo-906531 first step  on the Appalachian Trail. It was and is quite a mix of emotions. The last 3 weeks felt like 3 months. Thanks to all my work friends for the support and encouragement not just for this journey but the last 22 years. I can sincerely say  that you made my job a joy! The emotional roller coaster has now taken a turn toward the trail. The reality is, despite two years of planning and anticipation I will have to experience separation from family, fear of the unknown, doubt, and anxiety. As the impending first steps approach, these thoughts grow louder. All of us have these same feelings at different times in our lives. Walking the trail is one way I have purposely chosen to face my fears. Yes there will be excitement. There will be untold beauty and all the other things one can dream. But at it’s core the trail provides the perfect environment for a new mindset. Overcoming fears and instilling confidence as a result. It provides the time and place to heal, to grow, and to wonder!  Only three things are needed. Myself, the earth and heaven. Oh yeah maybe a little food

Something calls to me

The trees are drawing me nearpexels-photo-167698

I’ve got to find out why

The gentile voices I hear

Explain it all with a sigh

Moody Blues/ Days of Future Passed



18 thoughts on “Last preparations

  1. Thanks for posting an update. I’m excited to follow your journey through your blog. Exodus 14:14 is a good reminder on the anxious days. He’s fighting for you (even the battles in your mind) and He is with you, my friend. Praying peace and calm carry you as you enjoy the wonder and revelation your journey will bring.

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  2. I am so excited to see the sites that you will see! I think you are showing awesome confidence to just be going on this adventure! There was a great article about you on Web@Work! I truly miss you at work, but am so excited for you! My thoughts and prayers are with you, my friend!! Happy Hiking!! Frankie

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    1. I have had my moments lately. I think it was helpful writing this though because now I feel more business like as in “all hands on deck, full speed ahead”. I miss you too. I read the article and believe me I am truly humbled and grateful to have so many friends supporting me. If I don’t meet another hiker on the trail I won’t be alone!

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    1. Thanks Martina! Congrats on your book as well. Sorry I couldn’t make the release of Mosaic. I am frantically but steadily putting the pieces together so I can somewhat disappear for 6 months. Look forward to at some point reading it. Stay on your journey it sounds amazing and purposeful!

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      1. Good to hear from you Stevie! Thanks for the confidence boost. After writing this I started to have a more business attitude going forward. It’s happening ready or not! Actually the first two weeks I have a friend in the area I’m starting and he is on standby if I need a ride to get food, medical care, gear, whatever situation might come up. Send your number to I have a new phone.


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