What am I taking

This is a list of what gear I’ll be taking to start my hike. I didn’t list the brand in most cases. If your curious email me and I will share. Shoes are an exception as they are probably the most important piece. 5 million steps ain’t no joke. It is also a good example of why you must find the gear that works for you. Never just decide on the suggestion of someone else. Many times I feel hikers judge each other by how light weight and or expensive (brand) of each item. Gear is an economic and a personal decision. In the end it’s not your gear but your determination and attitude that make the difference.  Research Grandma Gateway as an example.

I did tons of research and was very lucky that seemingly mostly all of it has worked to this point. Now as I prepare to get this show on the road adjustments will have to be made and it will be interesting to compare what items are still in my pack at the end.

What am I going to sleep in

I have a 2 man tent that is very lightweight. It is waterproof and needs no rain fly.  It uses my trekking poles to set up and requires 6 to 8 stakes.

20 degree rated  down sleeping bag with a silk liner that can be easily washed. It also is very lightweight .

Inflatable pillow

What clothes will I wear

At camp and sleeping:

Lt. wt. puffy down jacket

LS Polyester blend shirt, Wool blend long johns, exofficio underwear, Wool socks, lt. wt. camp shoes

running shorts for doing laundry


1 ball cap, wool hat

I have 2 different types of shoes which I plan to use on different places on the trail. I will only bring one of these at any one time. When I change I will have to have the other sent to me. The primary shoe is an Altra trail runner. I have opted for the Olympus model for it’s extra cushioning. Pennsylvania has a large section of real rocky terrain and I might opt for my second choice Oboz sawtooth low-cut hiking shoe

1 pr underwear, 1 pr zip off pants w/belt, For cool mornings 1 Lt. wt. wool hoodie

Rain coat and pants, rain hat,  possibly lt. wt. rubber glove for cold rain

wool hat, 1 pr. gloves and glove liners

Cook system

Bear canister

Small gas stove,  fuel canister, lighter and a few waterproof matches, kitchen towel, spoon/fork

1 titanium pot 900 ml.

2nd 500 ml. pot to be used as a cup as well

(1) 3 liter water bag w/filter and 1 .6 liter bag w/ filter

Misc. freezer bags for rehydrating food

Small knife/multi tool


Trowel for digging holes when necessary, toilet paper, wet wipes allowed to dry out (hydrate as needed). Small piece of foot padding. Cut to desired shape on the trail. Chapstick, Band aids, neosporin comb, toothpaste/brush, floss, Hand sanitizer, sunscreen, nail clipper,  2 bandanas


Phone, emergency beacon, headlamp, spare batteries, luci light for tent,  20000 mah battery for recharging, cables for recharging, USB adapter, camera


short piece of rope, sm. amt. of duct tape, piece of chamois cloth for drying up condensation in tent. 2 moisture resistant journals

The journey begins for real Saturday…









20 thoughts on “What am I taking

    1. Yes I’m ready to start and if anything needs to be changed, I’m prepared for that as well. If I could hike this with anyone else it would be you. Thanks for all your help and advice. Maybe when I get back we can do a few days of the Obed River.


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